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December 31, 2019



Happy New Year, All!

Well, when I last wrote, there were snow pix to share, and there are again today as well! This has to be an indication of good things to come for the year 2020, for us to head into New Years Eve in a snow storm! Tomorrow, the sunshine on this snow is going to make this a pretty place indeed!

   Joe and I have a long tradition of staying in on New Year's Eve, ...supper, chips and dip, perhaps raising a toast of something or other (or not) and not being able to stay awake 'til midnight! Party Animals, We are! I expect that to continue tonight! Still, the days leading up to New Year's Day are among my favorites every year! It feels like there is a world of possibility looming ahead, and it's exciting to think about, isn't it!

   I honestly enjoy the process of reflecting on the year past and planning the next- accessing where I'd like to be, what I'd like to do, and what changes and tweaks I need to make to allow those goals to happen...all that! Another fun thing I do, early every year, is pick a word to be my focus, the memory of which keeps me heading in the direction of my goals. This could be sappy and weird. Don't care!

   Enough of that! How was Christmas? I hope each of you had a very pleasant holiday, no matter what you celebrate, or if you celebrate nothing at all, in fact!

   I have some ideas of things I'd like to get working on for projects, starting this week! No, I mean it this time! Show of hands, who does this besides me? ...Christmas is breathing down our necks, and once again, we realize we have waited far too long to get things started! What a joy-robber THAT is when we have to hustle hustle hustle through things! We vow..."NEXT year, I am going to start things JANUARY 1st!"   Please tell me it isn't just me who does this! Lie to me ladies! :o)

   Glad to add, by way of follow-up, that the Unbaked Apple Pie (that I wrote of last time) made expressly to put in the freezer, worked out very well. It baked off beautifully from frozen, and tasted as though it was just made right then! I'm taking a note to try that with more fruit pies in the future, and thanks to my friend Diane who gave me the idea! I used my normal pie recipe, and followed this freezing and baking advice!

   Here's a fun thing to think about on this snowy day... a bit more Hygge in your day , the Scandinavian way! Comfort, and Coziness, Contentment, Health and Joy  Well I warned you! I'm sappy and contemplative this time of year!

   Joe is out snow blowing the driveway, that brave soul!  It's just 28 degrees, but actually feels much warmer with all that insulation from the snow! We are fasting today until dinner, so it's very helpful that we can stay busy 'til then! Meanwhile I have my sites set on our Butternut Squash soup supper! Squash soup and Bread and Buttah...sounds SO good to me, on a snowy day! This is the recipe I tend to use, and I most always have squash in the freezer for just such a day as this!

   Hey I thought those of you who "do" Pinterest might enjoy this Pinterest Board as a Winter Quilts idea pool! https://www.pinterest.com/dortebirgitte/winter-quilts/ Something to get those creative juices flowing !  MY first project is to finish the last THREE measly blocks of the string quilt I have been working on for TWO YEARS. Seriously who else leaves something this long with SO little left to do! Wish me luck...

and on that note, I think I'll fade off towards the kitchen and get that soup going!

Have a Great Quilting Week All! 

Marcia :o)

" For last year's words belong to last year's language, and next years words, await another voice "
 TS Eliot






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